Parents Newsletter - November 2015

Autumn is truly a time for discovery; the dark nights, the ever-changing colours of our environment and of course, the unpredictable weather.  The children have been investigating the change of season both here at nursery and within the Forest. 

‘It’s raining leaves because it’s nearly Autumn!’ ~Orin

‘It is leaf-falling-down-time and we go crunching in the leafs.” ~Sara


Baby Room

The Babies are currently exploring a line of enquiry based on ‘posting’. This involves placing objects into other objects and repeating this process over a prolonged period of time.

Babies have been using objects they are familiar with and exploring different ways of using them.

In the garden, the Babies have been developing their physical skills: walking/ crawling on the variety of surfaces; pulling themselves up on the tyres, logs and trees and developing their fine motor skills to carefully pick petals from the last remaining flowers or explore leaves found on the ground.

Toddler 1, 2 & 3 Rooms

In Toddler One, the children are combining resources together and stacking them or rolling them whilst making marks with their hands and fingers in the sand.

In Toddler Two, the children are very interested in the small world animals and are incorporating them into all aspects of their play.

In Toddler Three, the children have been watching their reflections in the mirror as they explore the loose parts on the light box.

Across the whole section, the children have been invited into the mini Atelier where explorations have continued by watching their own images and videos of previous experiences. The educators have been observing the children’s movement and the sounds they have been creating and have noticed the children are using a range of small and larger movements to create marks. Unsurprisingly, there has also been a strong interest in creating louder sounds rather than quieter sounds!

Toddler 4

Across the three environments in Toddler 4, the children have been experimenting with the idea of ‘Power’ using their voices to speak and tell stories or relay past events to each other; climbing up as high as they can on chairs, units and large reels we provided for them so they can look down towards their friends as they speak out. In the Atelier, children have been creating marks of their big monsters and little monsters and using their loud voices and quiet voices to have discussions surrounding their marks.

The side garden’s focused group has shown a keen interest in sound and how we can create it using our bodies and with various materials by jumping, banging, smashing and shaking.

Pre-school 1

The children are currently exploring the dichotomies of known/unknown and seen/unseen. In the Communication Room, this exploration continues to be through the medium of 'doors' - doors are obviously familiar to the children as they use them every day, but they also represent a portal to the unknown and unfamiliar. In the Atelier, the children have continued to research microorganisms and have begun to consider the idea of creatures-that-cannot-be-seen, as they possess the property of invisibility. In the Mirror Room, the children have been hiding under voile curtains, which they believe makes them invisible and unseen, and have created their own invisible world, which they have named ‘Disappearing World’. In the Construction Room, the children are particularly interested in building 'up', and exploring the ways in which they can make their structures both taller and stronger.

Pre-school 2

Following on from the children’s interest in testing limits and pushing physical boundaries, the children are currently exploring deconstruction in the main room. They have shown delight in using physical strength to break and take apart old pieces of technology and discover how things are made. We are keen to continue investigating this area of interest and to explore deconstruction as a form of creativity.

In the Construction Room, children have shown an interest in working on a large and small scale, building both tall and wide and small and intricate. Children are offered opportunities to make marks to draw their constructions and to make labels and signs to warn others that there is construction in progress!

Children are currently making homes for the stuffed birds in the Atelier. They have been using a variety of materials and resources gathered from the outdoor environment and ReCreate. Children are also undertaking their own research about birds through direct observations, video footage and sharing one and others’ knowledge. They are further developing their skill of observational drawing and markmaking by designing their houses on paper and writing letters to birds.

In the Outside Atelier we currently have a meeting of worlds spiralling from the recent ‘webbing’ in the garden. How do we get from one world to another? What defines one world from another? Some worlds appear to even be in the future… 


Staff Moves 

We welcome Cristina Plazas to our Pre-school One team. Cristina is a Qualified Early Years Teacher and comes to us with a background of working with young children in previous Nursery settings. We look forward to her contribution to the team.


For our Resource Centre in Tudor Court, ReCreate we continue to welcome any of the following resources you might be able to contribute: buttons, ribbons, conkers, corks, clean plastic lids and jam jars (with lids). Thank you in advance.

Reflections on Social Media

Please feel free to 'like' us on Facebook. You are also welcome to join our: Parents of Reflections Nursery & Forest School Facebook group which we use to keep families up-todate with our latest news.  

Buggy Store

We are aware that the buggy store is currently inadequate to meet the needs of all parents with buggies. Our new handyman, Trevor will be attending to this and making improvements shortly. Please accept our apologies in the meantime if buggy storage is tight.


now that the change of season is upon us, we have reviewed our menu and offered some taster sessions at recent Parent Evenings. Jordan and his team will be delighted to answer any of your questions regarding our new menu (including providing recipes for any of the meals). Please feel free to knock on the kitchen door located just round the corner from Toddler 4 pegs. A copy of our menu is displayed in the foyer of Westerfield House.


OPEN DAYS for prospective parents - We will be offering Open Days to view the nursery for prospective new parents on 3 rd & 4 th December 2015 from 2.30pm until 7.30pm – if work colleagues or friends are looking for a nursery place, please let them know about these dates. Many thanks in advance.

Toddler 4 Parents Evening will be held on Tuesday 19th January 2015 from 7pm. Please speak to Harrie or a member of her team in order to book an appointment.

With Christmas fast approaching we would like to remind you that the Nursery will be closed on Friday 25th December 2015, Monday 28th December 2015 and Friday 1st January 2016.


In order to raise funds for our charity, Children on the Edge, we would like to invite you to join in our Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 18th December 2015. We hope as many children (and staff) as possible will join in the festive sprit and sport a Christmas-themed jumper for the day and we request that all families contribute £1. There will be a collection pot in the Front Office of both Westerfield’s House and Tudor Court.

Our annual Christmas Lunch will be served on Tuesday 22nd December 2015. This is a day when the children and staff come together to have their Christmas lunch for those children who attend on that day. For those who don’t attend on a Tuesday we are delighted to offer a Christmas-themed ‘High Tea’ on the afternoons of the Monday 21st , Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th December. This will enable all children to participate in a Christmas meal with the staff team.