3D Work and Third Level Thinking

This book documents a focus on three-dimensional work carried out by the children at Reflections Nursery & Forest School in 2011. Using 3D materials children were supported to make the connection between thinking and action, thinking using their hands.

Originally intended as internal ...

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Sculpture Work

A collection of postcards featuring the sculpture work of children at Reflections Nursery & Forest School during the scholatic year 2013/2014.

During this project children explored a wide range of sculptural materials including terracotta, wire, plasticine, clay, soap, wax, wood, ice ...

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Light Everywhere

Between Autumn 2010 and March 2011 children investigated the properties of light in the pre-school Atelier. Their work involved creating sculptures in the dark with glowsticks; drawing with torches; mapping light as it travelled and investigating the colours of light. They discovered that light i...

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In September 2014 Reflections Nursery & Forest School began a focus on Storying as a language of expression across the whole nursery. The concept was to understand how young children use narrative and fantasy to explore the world around them. By listening more accurately to the children’s s...

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Comprising images and quotes from children the book documents a year-long fascination with birds, eggs, chicks and nests. It shows some of the children’s extraordinary collections and creations from an immersive project which involved over eighty 4 year olds.

For orders outside of the U...

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The Revolutionary Baby

Enter the world of two year old children as a year of ‘Storying’ begins. They are already telling stories of big scary monsters and powerful elemental forces. They are also telling stories of tiny babies who need rescuing. But one baby is about to arrive, no more than an inch long, who will t...

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The Line Creature

A surprising drawing was discovered in the 2 year olds’ Atelier within a mass of abstract marks.  Millie called her tiny figure ‘the line creature’ and adults shared her image amongst the other children.  The book documents how more figurative drawings appeared and were treated as...

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I Love Forest School

While the concept of children playing outdoors is nothing new, the rebalancing of our attitudes towards riskier play and enthusiasm for getting children outside into the fresh air is crucial to their development.

Throughout I Love Forest School, Martin shows the deep connection between pr...

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From Space to Space

Enter a world of one year olds.  Like many young children, they are fascinated by ‘posting’. Their experiments with ping pong balls, tubes and containers have continued for many weeks, so we offer large cardboard boxes with circular holes to increase the scale of their explorations…&nb...

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In the summer of 2010 children’s role-play conversations in the pre-school rooms tended to include a crocodile as the ultimate ‘baddie’. Our Atelierista (artist working with children) brought in a taxidermy crocodile skull for the children to investigate. Their experiences included observat...

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From Bacteria to Galaxies

What is it like to work with children’s evolving ideas?  The book is a selection of day to day documentation from the 3 year olds’ Atelier in Reflections spanning an academic year. It opens a window into the creative world of children as they explore the living universe and shows the adu...

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The Fire Monster

This story began when a two year old boy called Max looked into the stove outdoors and said, ‘There's a monster in the fire

Each year Reflections Nursery has a focus on a language of expression and during 2014/15 the focus was ‘Storying’ – the use of narrative by children aged 6 m...

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As projects are progressing or coming to a natural completion at Reflections they are often documented in the form of 1-metre wall-mounted panels. This book is a reproduction of selected documentation panels from projects between 2013 and 2016 giving many examples of the process of observation, d...

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