Mycelia Messages

'Mycelia Messages' is a short documentary from Reflections Small School (Worthing, UK). It follows the factual and fantastical journeys of a group of 4-7 year old children, as they discover and become obsessed with fungi.

You'll see the children become expert mushroom hunters, recorders, identifiers and Museum makers; mushroom milliners, clothes designers, fabricators and embroiderers.  With the technical help of a DJ parent an original soundtrack is laid down, including sounds made by actual mushrooms! All is brought together, back in the forest, in a brilliant Fungi Fashion finale, with the children transformed into their favourite species.

Sticky Tape Film

We gave children in our pre-school section an empty room, some sticky tape and lots of time. Please see this short stop-motion film by our Atelierista, Laura Magnavacchi.

Movement & Stillness

Our observations of children in the forest led to adult educators’ questions about children’s movement and that balancing experience, stillness. Please see our short film following our observations by our Pedagogical Lead, Deb Wilenski and a previous Atelierista, now filmmaker, Jessica Wild.

Shadow Stories

Children in our Pre-school Section were given ink, pipettes and water vessels to investigate. They worked with languages of experiment and explanation and soon stories began to emerge. The children sought different languages to express the movement of the ink in water and found shadow dances. Please see this short film by our Atelierista, Teresa Grimaldi.

Musicality and Animation

We wanted to facilitate the children's understanding of pitch, tone, rhythm and sequence, and decided to start with a single provocation in the emptied blank space of Small School. On a large white sheet we projected a ‘graphical score’ of a piece by J.S Bach.

This simple yet immersive offering sparked an immediate curiosity amongst the children who were fascinated by the movement and depiction of the musical notes. They talked about how it felt to listen to the music, and what they thought the visual symbols represented.

They invented their own forms of notation and stories about music. These stories grew in detail and some big ideas emerged – about dark music, music underground, music under the sea, and the music that would tempt the Sea Monster to show itself.