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Our Approach

Our Small School is an independent infant school offering a creative approach to the curriculum for the first three years of school. Reflections Small School extends our approach in the nursery, drawing inspiration from Reggio Emilia and Danish forest nurseries. Our curriculum begins with our image of the child as rich in potential, strong, powerful and competent. This strong image of the child is something we hold as a group of educators; it shapes our expectations of children and means we work with an emergent rather than fixed curriculum, through projects which cross traditional ‘subject’ areas.  

Projects can develop from children’s own interests and from educators’ research questions and are cross-curricular. We have weekly meetings to discuss what aspects of children’s learning are being supported at any time. A single project is likely to have periods in which language development and communication is key, or detailed design and engineering work, or mathematical calculation and analysis, or technological research and recording. A number of projects will develop over the course of a year, so that children’s learning is broad as well deep. Please see a short home-made film about some of our recent work featuring a Sea Monster here.

We use Montessori materials to ensure that children’s literacy and numeracy is supported and offer a separate space where this can happen, under the guidance of one of our teachers. You can see a short stop-motion film of our Montessori experiences here.


Our Small School offers 24 places across Reception, Year 1 & Year 2, taking children from school age up to 8 years old. Children spend Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in class working with our qualified teacher and our Atelierista (qualified teacher/ artist). On Thursdays they spend the school day in the Forest and on Fridays they go to the beach with a follow-up session back in school in the afternoons - we provide a written diary following Beach & Forest sessions each day.

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Our Team

We have two qualified teachers, Lauren White and Georgia Yiapanis, who is also our Atelierista or qualified artist. They are also supported by our Forest School Educator, Beth Scotton and our Beach School Teacher, Becki Di Paola. Pedagogy is overseen by our Pedagogical lead, Deb Wilenski and organisational issues are supported by our Director, Martin Pace. In addition we call upon other members of the nursery team including Becca Bakter as Duty Manager and Sarah Wood as Training Manager.


Reflections Small School Ofsted Report 2018

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