Forest School

Forest School for the over 3s (entirely optional)

We operate forest sessions for children aged 3+ years every morning from 9.30am until 12.45pm. Woodland sessions run from September to July and we take children by minibus into our own woodland area, 15 minutes from the nursery. The children use their imaginations and build dens and traps and often tell elaborate stories as part of their experiences. They explore the woodland together and they grow in confidence and self-esteem.

We find that Forest School gives children a deep connection with the natural environment, the elements and the rhythm of the seasons. They also learn how to handle risks and how to use their own initiative to solve problems, co-operating with their friends. Often the children will bring ideas or projects back to the nursery to be carried on indoors. Children will occasionally find dead animals in the forest and their theories about what might have happened will be discussed and explored, sometimes for days or weeks.

After each session the group stays together in the Coach House following up on interesting ideas which might have come out of the morning session.

We make an additional charge for Forest School sessions to cover the additional costs and although these sessions are entirely optional they are often over-subscribed.

We provide you with a diary after every session to give you the opportunity to share your child’s extraordinary day.

Please see our sample Forest School diary.