Edible Garden

The Rhythm of the Seasons

In 2009 one of the children in Pre-school asked, ‘Where do chips come from?’ another child replied, ‘From McDonalds’. This discussion went on to prompt some research by the children and a project emerged about potatoes, growth and decay. Following on from this project, a discussion amongst educators resulted in the creation of part of the garden as an edible landscape where children could learn about planting, growing, harvesting and the rhythm of the seasons.

In autumn 2010 the children did some planting in tubs, enabling the children to harvest potatoes in time for Christmas lunch. We planted fruit trees with the children in the front garden and they made clay ‘wishes’ to plant with each tree and buried them under the roots. In winter 2010 we acquired a large greenhouse, composting bins and raised beds and we planted espaliered fruits along our flint wall.

Since then the children choose seeds with our two gardeners each season and then plant the seeds, prick them out and plant the seedlings in the raised beds. Following each harvest the children enjoy the fruits of their labour - eating their own produce, making soups and tasting exotic varieties including cucamelons (a cross between a cucumber and a melon – the children loved them!).