Babies & Toddlers

Safe & Settled

We know that you will want to be sure that your child is safe and secure in our care and the safety and security of your child is our top priority, too. Before your baby starts at nursery we offer an optional home visit so that we can really understand your baby’s needs. Our staff will support your child's first few days in the nursery with great sensitivity and we will happily accommodate your family's routines as part of settling in. We'll encourage you to spend time in the nursery, providing you with any information you need, and lots of cups of tea.

A Beautiful Space for Babies to Grow

At Reflections we are able to take children from 3 months old in our Baby Room; a large room with lots of natural light and a separate cosy Sleep Room, which is attended at all times. Children move on to our Toddler Section – a range of rooms where they can explore experiences including construction, imaginative play, and the exploration of materials.  They are cared for by our educators with support from one of our four Atelieristas (in-house Artists) who will work with the children on their explorations of drawing, painting and working with clay, wire and other sculptural materials.

Intelligent, Inquisitive Learners

At Reflections we believe that children are intelligent, inquisitive learners, eager to make sense of the world around them. This strong and powerful image of the child influences how we work with children, supporting them in their discoveries and sharing in their wonder and their ideas.  Children are keen to explore and investigate and their work often develops into long-term projects. Our role is to support their investigations and teamwork and give them time to reflect on their learning.

We create open, empty spaces for children to express themselves and from a very young age children work with light boxes and overhead projectors investigating light and shadow and exploring the shape, colour, texture and form of materials.

Keeping Parents Involved

We keep you involved in your child’s progress sharing our observations with you through the online-based Tapestry Learning Journal.  We document using photos and videos along with comments by your child and you can access these at home and share them with your family. We also meet with you regularly to talk about your child’s development. Please also look for information on each door about the weekly experiences and our documentation panels on the walls in each room.  And we occasionally publish project books of the children’s work which we share with you.